Different Types of Threaded Rod from Zj-junyue

Different Types of Threaded Rod from Zj-junyue


For shape, stud bolts. One kind of bolt is divided into three basic types: "all-thread bolt", "tap end bolt" and "double end stud bolt". Each one has a different application. As the name suggests, all thread nails have a complete body covering and can be fully exposed to matings nuts or similar components. The bolt at the end of the tap has threads of unequal length on both ends of the valve body, while the double end bolts have equal thread length at both ends. In addition to these bolts, there are bolts of bolts, which are full threaded bolts with chamfering, and double end bolts for special bolt applications. For bolts without complete threads, there are two types of nails: there are full-bodied buttons, and there are pressure pins. The heavy nail head has a handle that is equal to the diameter of the thread. The handle of the anchor bolt is the same as the pitch diameter of the thread. In order to better distribute axial stress, pressure side nails are designed. In a strong cylinder, the stress on the thread is greater than in the handle.

The pressure side spikes are also more intense because the metal is "rolled" to a large diameter rather than being removed. This preserves the steel's grain and, in some cases, increases the output of steel. The intact earnail is weaker because the metal is disassembled to make threads, disrupting the texture of the steel.

In applications where the studs are exposed to fatigue, only low pressure nails are required. Even if the scrolling thread may be a little stronger, the tangent line is perfect for many applications. Fasteners for mass production (standard bolts and bolts) are usually rolled up, but custom and small-batch work parts are likely to be cut. Know More At https://www.zj-junyue.com/product