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Twin screw extruder system


The working process of the twin-screw extruder is: the set value in the touch screen is transmitted to the PLC through the communication line, and the current temperature on the barrel and the die is transmitted to the temperature control module for processing through the thermocouple, and then transmitted by the temperature control module Into the PLC. After the temperature value is compared with the value set in the PLC, if the current value is lower than the set value, the PLC will issue a command to make the corresponding heating appliance in the PLC work and the contactor work. Because the contactor is energized, the heater is energized. During the heating process, the thermocouple continuously transmits the current temperature to the temperature control module, and the temperature control module also continuously transmits the value to the PLC for numerical comparison. After a period of heating, if the current temperature value is higher than the set value, the PLC will issue a command, so that the relays and contactors inside the PLC will not work if the power is lost. Due to the disconnection of the contactor, the heater is turned off and not heated. For the cooling fan, the PLC issues a command to make the corresponding relay inside the PLC work and the fan to work. By fan cooling, the current temperature of the barrel is reduced. When the barrel temperature reaches the set value, the PLC sends a command to make the internal relay lose power and not work, and make the intermediate relay coil lose power and not work. Because the intermediate relay is turned off, the cooling fan is turned off and stops workin